Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Expecting you to float Skyward

Expecting you to float skyward, 2012
Three books and framed print on a shelf

These three books on R.M. Schindler's shelves represent a timeline of events in Ellen Janson's life. The title comes from the autobiography of her first husband Maurice Browne, Too Late to Lament (1955). The actor writes that “when she [Janson] stood or walked she seemed to rest so lightly on the earth that, though she was tall like her Norwegian forbears, one expected her to float skyward.” The other book is Janson's self-published book of poetry, Poems (1952), with a cover designed by R.M. Schindler. It is an original book that Janson had kept for herself in her home. The book is dedicated to Schindler, “For MICHAEL who makes all things possible.”  The third book, The Circle of Sex, is a popular classic by her second husband, Gavin Arthur. The book is a study of male and female sexuality, and this copy is a revised and enlarged edition from 1966.

Special thanks to Bernard Biencourt for the permission to use the original copy of Poems, and Janson's picture to both John Crosse and Eric Preven for providing valuable information on Ellen Janson’s life and poetry.